Wednesday Book Worms

Last night I met with the book club I attend every month.  (We’re called Wednesday Book Worms but we meet on Thursdays, because that night turned out to be more convenient for everyone.) Together, we’ve decided to do the AWW 2012 challenge, with each of us getting to nominate a book for everyone to read. When everyone’s in attendance there are 12-13 members of the Book Worms, so when we start reading the month after next we’ll have a solid year of reading Australian women’s writing ahead of us.

Our approach to the challenge is not to write specific reviews as such, but rather have someone take a sort of minutes of the discussion and post them on the Wednesday Book Worms blog.  I imagine we’ll rotate this duty, because if last night’s discussion of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom was any indication it can all get pretty raucous and difficult to follow as conversations overlap and break away, drift off-topic and then inexplicably return to topic.  I also imagine there’ll have to be a kind of final summary read out by the minute-taker, so that everyone’s views and criticisms are represented.

Hmm, I’m not sure we thought through the logistics especially well.  But that’s not so important as the fact that we’re actively engaging and debating works by Australian women writers.

In the context of my own approach to the AWW 2012 challenge, I’m quite excited that through the book club I’ll be able to engage with the work of contemporary Australian women writers.  At the moment I’m trying to decide what book I’ll choose. I’ve narrowed it down to ten, to the extent that  I’m going to select one of Anita Heiss’s ’10 favourite novels by Indigenous Australian women’ recommendations on the AWW site’s Australia Day post.

Decisions, decisions.


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