Breaking News

Well, it’s not quite breaking news, but I’ve just found out that the first of my Librivox recordings is available for your listening pleasure.

I recorded the last chapter of Lilian Gask’s The Fairies and the Christmas Child, ‘The Favourite of the Fates’ late last year before I began the AWW challenge.

I thought I’d mention its availability here, so that if anyone’s interested in getting a preview of how I read, you can satisfy your curiosity.

I’m barely resisting the urge to apologise in advance for everything anyone might find fault with.

I’m excited and mortified, all at once.


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Currently enrolled in a Grad Dip of Teaching and Learning in anticipation of teaching English and Film, TV & New Media to high school students. Abandoned a PhD in television. Completed an MPhil on zines. Honours in Australian grunge literature. Long time university tutor of media, communications, cultural studies and academic writing. Opinionated. View all posts by Kirsty Leishman

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