Tweeting Sheilas

This week I launched a Twitter account for Reading Sheilas.

I decided to create an account for a few reasons. First, I’d been using my personal Twitter account to publicise this blog, but that didn’t really make sense since I locked my personal account some time back, now. I’d like this blog to have a few more readers, but I don’t want to subject people who are interested only in Australian women’s writing to my daily MasterChef addiction or my odd angry bursts about LNP governments (I’m trying to minimise the latter, truly, if only for my own mental health).

Secondly, a dedicated Reading Sheilas Twitter account allows me to make fleeting observations, whether about the recording and editing process, or the novel itself that I’m reading. In the case of the recording and editing process, I wrote blog entries on the various issues I encountered during my first solo Librivox recording for the AWW2012 challenge. Some of these have been resolved, but others, such as when I trip over particular words, recur, and I think they’re worthy of a tweet, if not a whole blog post. (I do have some sympathy for Kevin Rudd tripping over prose composed for reading rather speaking.) For me tweeting is about the minutiae of the everyday and, so, that it took me four attempts to pronounce nostrils properly, in context,adds some texture to the experience of this project I’m undertaking.

In the case of observations about the books, these tweets will provide useful material to read back over for when I write my AWW2012 review. I’ve decided to just write one blog post per book–I think several for each novel was a bit difficult to maintain and I was forever worrying about spoilers. I wondered, too, whether the demands of reading several posts on just one book, wasn’t a bit much to expect from readers.

I’ve set up a Twitter widget in the sidebar to feed exclusive Reading Sheilas material to this blog (another sound reason for not mixing up this project with my private rantings). I hope you enjoy this initiative and I welcome any feedback, either here or on Twitter.


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Currently enrolled in a Grad Dip of Teaching and Learning in anticipation of teaching English and Film, TV & New Media to high school students. Abandoned a PhD in television. Completed an MPhil on zines. Honours in Australian grunge literature. Long time university tutor of media, communications, cultural studies and academic writing. Opinionated. View all posts by Kirsty Leishman

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