I’m beginning 2015 with a renewed sense of purpose for this project, following some wonderful encouragement from Elizabeth Lheude, the founder of the AWW challenges.

I’d like to do a solo recording of Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career. At the moment there’s a collaborative recording available at Librivox, but given many listeners like a single voice–and an Australian one for Australian authors–then I want to make that available.

For now, I’m going to begin the year with the only other Franklin work available in the public domain in the US:

Some Everyday Folk and Dawn

Started: 19 January 2015

Progress: 6 of 31 sections

I’d like to complete at least one other recording this year, but I’m not sure what it might be yet. If anyone has a suggestion or request, I’m open to that. Of course, I have to comply with both Australian and US public domain restrictions, so that can be quite restrictive with what I can record.


2014 was a fairly quiet year for this project. I mostly read and listened to works by AW writers rather than recording. I did continue with Barbara Baynton’s Human Toll, started in 2013, but I didn’t finish it until January 2015.

Human Toll by Barbara Baynton

Started: 27 October 2013 Completed: 18 January 2015

I will continue to record works in the public domain by Australian women writers for the 2013 challenge. As for the 2012 challenge (see below), I’ll list the works, including accompanying details and links to the sources, and the final recording at Librivox when they become available.

The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson

Started: 1 April 2013  Completed: 21 September 2013

Progress: 25 of 25 sections

Download audio files at Librivox

Bush Studies by Barbara Baynton

Started: 23 September 2013 Completed: 27 October 2013

Progress: 6 of 6 sections

Download audio files at Librivox


The organisers of the AWW 2012 challenge proposed various challenge approaches and levels.

I’ve outlined my approach in the first two posts on this blog, which, in summary, is to read works in the public domain. For this reason, I am limited to recording Colonial and early-Federation era works.

With respect to the proposed levels of challenge, I’m aiming to record four books–one every 3 months–and take notes, if not strictly write reviews, along the way. Here, I seem to fall somewhere in between the Stella and Miles categories. Or perhaps, since I’ll be writing notes on all four works, I make it into the Franklin-fantastic category?

Anyway, as I decide on the books, I’ll list them here with a link to the Project Gutenberg page and a note on my recording goals and progress.

The Pioneers by Katharine Susannah Prichard

Started: 18 January 2012. Completed: 26 February 2012

Progress: 48 of 48 chapters.

Download audio files at LibriVox.

‘Two Sides to Every Question’: From a South Australian Standpoint by Maude Jeanne Franc (aka Matilda Jane Evans)

Started: 28 February 2012. Completed: 7 June 2012

Progress: 20 of 20 chapters.

Download audio files at Librivox.

Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land by Rosa Praed

Started: 10 June 2012 Completed: 22 October 2012

Progress: 43 of 43 chapters.

Download audio files at LibriVox.

Stories from “The Detective’s Album” by W.W. (Waif Wander) aka Mary Fortune published in The Australian Journal Mar-December 1880

Started: 5 November 2012  Completed: 31 March 2013

Progress: 10 of 10 sections

Download audio files at Librivox


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